Our Web Scraping and Data Aggregation Services for Different Industries

About Us

DivaBizTech started in July 2020 in Surat, India. We are fastest-growing companies as B2B Email List providers and Web Scraping Services. And as we gained experience, we got larger projects. In our first year, we grew six times.

We started out taking projects in several fields as an outsourcing and sometimes outstaffing company, but since many of our projects were related to data scraping, that is where we decided to niche.

Over the years, we have developed an internal product to automate and accelerate data collection and data cleansing, which helps us accomplish projects cheaper and faster and with higher quality than other companies.

Our innovative department is steadily improving our approaches, and we are constantly growing!

What We Offer To Our Clients?

Being the best web scraping company, we offer the best possible solutions to our clients. We deliver millions of records to our clients every month. We are here to work as per our clients’ expectations so that they can get the maximum benefits for their businesses.

Some of the important services offered by us are,

  • Web Scraping
  • Online Directory Scraping
  • Building Scraper/Bots
  • Data extraction
  • Email Scraping
  • Web Automation
  • Internet Research

What Are Data Scraping Solutions?

Data scraping (or web page crawling) solutions are custom web data extraction software tools that are designed to perform web scraping tasks for your startup or ongoing business. We can develop web scraping tools especially for your business needs and integrate them into your software ecosystem.

If your business’s core activity or product is based on web scraping and data aggregation, this service is for you! For example, we developed data scraping software for a company called FirmProspects, which provides services for legal recruiters and lawyers. With our software, they collected and used information about the lawyers market in the U.S. and globally.